Your Kids Deserve a Healthy Start

by Tiffany Nelson | 27 June, 2019

Father and Daughter hugging

It’s every parent’s desire to provide their children with the ability to live their happiest and healthiest life possible. Now you can. Post Falls Family Dental is proud to announce that we are now a Healthy Start provider and are specially trained to help improve your child’s health.

Healthy Start is a dental solution to a medical problem which is plaguing our youth today. There is a silent epidemic effecting 9 out of every 10 kids. It is easily overlooked, misdiagnosed, and untreated. It is critical we start evaluating sleep behaviors and breathing habits in our children. Do your kids mouth breathe, grind, snore, or have frequent allergies or throat/ear infections? Do they suffer from hyperactivity, lack of focus, irritability, night terrors, or bedwetting? All these can be symptoms that are easily overlooked and under-diagnosed.

Healthy Start is a non-evasive way to address the root causes of sleep disorder breathing as early as 2 years old and can help to promote proper oral habits. It develops a better airway, proper jaw development, correct tongue placement, precise swallowing habits, and straightens teeth without braces.

Our Healthy Start program will provide interceptive and comprehensive care for your children. Now who wouldn’t want to be proactive in creating a better life for their kids? Call to set up an appointment today. Additionally click the link below to print the form out and bring it in for your first appointment.