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Find Relief from Sleep Apnea and Insomnia with Custom-Fitted Oral Appliances at Post Falls Family Dental and Sleep Better Northwest by PFFD | 06 February, 2023

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It can cause a person to stop breathing during sleep, leading to fragmented sleep, daytime fatigue, and a host of other health problems. For many people, the most effective treatment for sleep apnea is a continuous...

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Close up Picture of Baby Sleeping

Does My Child Have a Sleeping Disorder? by Tiffany Nelson, RDH | 17 February, 2020

As a hygienist, I focus on mouths and teeth and now throats and airways. With children, I notice crowded or crooked teeth, high vaulted palates, strong tongue thrusting, chapped lips, mouth breathing, enlarged tonsils, speech issues, and some behavioral challenges. I will point out visual signs of...

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Did you know that pacifiers and thumb sucking can be detrimental on your babies? by PFFD | 10 February, 2020

Nonnutritive sucking habits such as pacifiers and thumb sucking can have a detrimental effect on growth and development, causing open bites, cross bites, and altered occlusion, which can lead to eating challenges, nutritional deficiencies, narrow airways, and sleep-disordered breathing....

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