We are not shy when it comes to our patient’s enthusiastic testimonies

At Post Falls Family Dental, we know we are the best dental practice in Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Rathdrum, Athol, Liberty Lake, Spokane and of course Post Falls! We are not shy when it comes to our patient’s enthusiastic testimonies concerning Post Falls Family Dental and their wonderful experience with us. Please view what others are saying within our community and please accept our invitation to be added to our family of happy patients.

Frank Reid

Tiffany, one of the hygienists at Post Fall Family Dental, saved my life. In late 2007, I had a crown put on. Shortly after, I began experiencing intense pain in my jaw whenever I would exert myself. I thought there was something wrong with the crown because the intense jaw pain continued so I went back and had the crown checked. They removed the new crown and replaced it at no additional cost.

In late May, 2008, I was scheduled for a cleaning. The appointment was for 9:00am but I had to change it to 11:00am and was told that Tiffany already had another appt scheduled for that time. However, when I showed up, Tiffany greeted me. She had traded appointments (lucky for me). After Tiffany cleaned my teeth, she asked me about my jaw pain. I told her there was no difference and it was still very painful when I exerted myself. She examined the crown and x-rayed the teeth on either side and found them to be healthy.

At that time Tiffany said,” Frank, you may need to see a cardiologist, this may be a problem with your heart.” I had been seeing my physician on a regular basis and was being treated for “heartburn”. I immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr, Ronald Jenkins, a cardiologist. After discussing my problem he scheduled a nuclear stress test the following Tuesday. On Thursday I was in Kootenai Hospital having two stents put into my heart. Dr. Jenkins found two blockages, one 99% and another 75%. The hospital staff told me I could have had a massive heart attack. Immediately after receiving the stints, my jaw pain and the”heartburn” disappeared. Tiffany also cleans my wife’s teeth and only Post Fall Family Dental will work on our teeth and only Tiffany will do our cleanings. Thank you so very much for being so knowledgeable and attentive to your patients.


The Post Falls Family Dental Center has a fantastic staff. The hygienists, receptionists and dentists are all wonderful, super kind and very talented. I see Dr. Lynn every six months and my son sees Dr. Elliot! Both of them are wonderful. Dr. Elliot is GREAT with kids, very patient and understanding! There is a nice lobby with a great salt water fish tank and lots of toys for the kids! in the bathroom there are disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste in the bristles and individually wrapped for your use before you appointment!


The staff and dentists at Post Falls Family Dental are always so nice and friendly! They are also very well educated and up to date on the latest procedures and information. Appointments are easy to schedule. They are open evenings and weekends as well! Reasonable prices and accept most insurances plans.

Rob M.

The professionalism and friendliness of the staff at Post Falls Family Dentistry is unrivaled and I have been to numerous dentists over many years. Their genuine caring approach makes going to the dentist an experience that you can feel good about.

Brittany S.

I am new to the area and can't believe I found such an awesome office. My neighbor recommended that if I wanted a truly positive dental experience that I should try Post Falls Family Dental. From my initial contact with the receptionist, to my hygienist and to the dentists and assistants everybody was so nice, considerate and knowledgeable. It seemed as if they actually liked their jobs! I tell everybody to go here now!